Find and Replace box flies off screen!

Microsoft Office Word

After problems with not being able to use Find and Replace in Word I
repaired my Office installation, then started up Word again and tried Edit,
Find. As I watched the Find dialog box flew over to the right and beyond my
screen width. Out of sight I could actually enter words to search for and
it would find them. Find and Replace does the same thing. After the first
time I open the dialog box and it disappears to the right, if I try to use
it again using Edit, Find, the menus in Word get greyed out as though the
find box is ready to be used.

How do I get the Find Dialog box to appear within the confines of my Word
window, or at least with my monitor screen boundaries. Maxing out my screen
resolution didn't help.

I finally fixed it! I booted into safe mode and was able to use the find
and replace options in Word. Then when I rebooted normally the dialog boxes
were back where they should be! What a waste of my time that was!