Insufficient memory redux

Microsoft Office Word


I am getting the infamous "Word has insufficient memory. You will not be
able to undo this action once it is complete. Do you want to continue?"
error. My issue is slightly different though. I know exactly what is
causing it: I have a very link-heavy report. I need to have this
information as links to Excel, so most of the solutions I've seen about
running macros to remove hidden bookmarks are irrelevent.

I also tried increasing my virtual memory (even though I've got a gig of
RAM...) and it didn't help.

Is there some setting that I can use to increase the memory allotted to
Word? I realize that not being able to undo the links updates isn't an
issue, but it's making my end-users nervous.

Additionally....are there any errors that could happen as a result of the
insufficient memory notice? Could the file get corrupted or something?