Locked for Edit!

Microsoft Office Word

I have not been able to use my microsoftxp package for a
while now. None of the programs will allow to me to do
anything except open them, in word it tells me that its
locked for edit. I looked this up in help and it says to
go to view on the toolbar and than outline to unlock it
but outline dosent even appear. Its very frustrating to
not be able to use word, powerpoint, or excel at
all.....any help???
You need to activate the product with Microsoft. Click on Activate under the
Help menu.
I have 2 computers so i already activated it on one, i
was able to still use it for a while and say activate
later but it wont let me now.
on Activate under the
It has to be activated on the second computer as well, but you will probably
have to do it by phone.