Mail merge line on Tools Menu repeats endlessly

Microsoft Office Word

I have Word 2000, came bundled with Works Suite on Dell
PC. I have never used Mail Merge, but when I access the
Tools Menu, the Mail Merge line repeats multiple times.
Each time I use the Tools menu, the number of lines of
Mail Merge grows. Dell could not help me. I'm stumped.

Any suggestions will be very welcome. Thanks, Paul

This is one of the many naughty things the Microsoft Works Suite Add-in for
Word is responsible for. If you're not launching Word from the Works Task
Launcher and don't intend ever to use a Works database or address book as a
data source for a Word mail merge, then you should uninstall the add-in
through Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs. After you've done that, restart
Word, open Tools | Customize, and use the mouse to drag all but one of the
Mail Merge entries off the menu.

Suzanne Barnhill